FM Solution Combo
FM Solution Combo
FM Solution Combo
FM Solution Combo
FM Solution Combo
FM Solution Combo
FM Solution Combo
FM Solution Combo

FM Solution Combo

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Product Description

Your alternative for fibromyalgia

Malic Acid, Mag Chlor90 and PoweRelief is your FM Solution!
FM Solution is a triple combination that will replenish your tired muscles, address nutritional deficiencies, and provide relief of FM discomfort.

woman with shoulder pain

Malic Acid Plus formula contains Malic Acid, Magnesium, Boswellia, Chromium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

Mag Chlor 90 is the same form of Magnesium found in the body and is the highest concentration of available without a prescription.

PoweRelief is a combination of amino acids and herbs that have special pain-reducing properties. PoweRelief contains DLPA, an amino acid that slows breakdown of enkephalins and endorphins for extended relief.

  • Reduces muscle tension and supports sleep
  • Increases endorphins to slow pain transmission + uplift mood
  • Dramatically reduces morning stiffness
  • Calms and relaxes to reduce discomfort
  • Promotes ATP for cell energy
  • Provides the same form of magnesium that occurs naturally in the body
  • Wake up feeling renewed with no side effects

Malic Acid is involved in cell metabolism and is essential in the creation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which plays a major role in energy production of all cells. As such, it is used as a natural supplement to aid muscle performance and fight the muscle fatigue and tendon pain of fibromyalgia (FM).
The magnesium in Mag Chlor 90 is an essential cofactor for the activation of over 300 enzymes in the body and is necessary for nerve function, heart rhythm, bone integrity, and muscle relaxation. Adequate Magnesium intake is essential for ATP production for physical and mental energy. All chronic pain sufferers benefit from supplemental Magnesium, along with the rest of America, as we are only able to absorb about half of the Magnesium we ingest.
PoweRelief contains anti-inflammatory, relaxing anti-anxiety nutrients, endorphin neurotransmitters, and natural muscle relaxants — a combination designed for maximum relief for your muscular and nervous systems.

The FM Solution Combo includes one bottle of Malic Acid Plus - 120 Capsules, one bottle of Mag Chlor 90 - 2 fl. oz. and one bottle of PoweRelief - 90 Capsules.

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