About the Reformulation - Brain Link Supreme Complex®

Reformulated Brain Link Supreme Complex® 

Our Brain Link needed an update so we chose to reformulate and add newer ingredients that were scientifically relevant. This update greatly increases the number of amino acids and brain nutrients to make the new Brain Link Supreme Complex an even better and more complete formula for brain connections.

By adding more amino acids and brain nutrients, we wanted to help your brain work better, think faster, remember more easily, and of course, recall and memory were of upmost importance. We reduced the vitamins in the formula so there would be more room for the all important amino acids. The amino acids in our Brain Link Supreme help your brain make more connections between your neurons. More connections mean better communication between your brain cells. These enhance your brain functions.

The flavoring of our new Brain Link is a pineapple tropical taste that readily dissolves in water. And the New Brain Link Supreme is now sugar-free. . . formulated with Monk fruit sugar as well as stevia. There is no after taste that is common with stevia, but rather a refreshing smooth tropical delight packed with tons of amino acids and brain nutrients.

Our Brain Link Supreme offers one of the most complete amino acids and brain nutrient formulations available today. Why not give your brain a boost with Brain Link Supreme?