Pi Iodine
Pi Iodine
Pi Iodine
Pi Iodine
Pi Iodine

Pi Iodine

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Product Description

High potency Potassium Iodide/Iodine

Most people do not obtain enough iodine from their diet or due to restriction of their salt intake. Pi Iodine provides a high potency iodine. Iodine is concentrated in the glandular (endocrine) system, specifically thyroid/adrenal axis, and is critical to normal organ function.

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Pi Iodine is formulated with the perfect balance of the two most important forms of iodine: iodine and potassium iodide.

What does Iodine do in the body?

  • Fights bacteria, viruses, and parasites
  • Required for normal functioning of thyroid, organs, glands and immune system
  • Involved in energy production and nerve function
  • Supports sound sleep
  • Promotes hair and skin growth
  • Provides support against toxic effects of radioactive materials
  • Relieves soreness associated with fibrocystic breasts and is necessary for healthy breast tissue
  • Helps relieve mucus congestion (sinuses and lungs)

Diet contributes to low Iodine levels

    The following dietary styles may lead to low Iodine levels:

    • Pasta and breads that contain bromide
    • Vegan or vegetarian diets
    • Low salt diet
    • Not enough fish or sea vegetables
    • Food grown in iodine deficient soil
    • Large amounts of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, or soybeans
    • Inhalers containing fluoride or bromide
      12.5 mg | 90 Capsules


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