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Ubiquinol (Reduced CoQ10)

Reduced is a good thing when it comes to Ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is simply a more absorbable or pre-converted form of CoQ10. More absorbable is more bang for the buck.

Produced naturally within young and healthy people, Ubiquinol is CoQ10 that has been converted (“reduced”) for use in the cellular energy production process. Ubiquinol is directly associated with over 95 percent of the body’s cellular energy production — the energy your heart, lungs and other organs need to function at optimal levels.

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But who needs a pre-converted CoQ10?
What does pre-converted even mean?

Taking the traditional CoQ10 requires the body to convert it to Ubiquinol for it to be useful. Some folks have no problem with the traditional method. Younger people make these conversions easily and can rely on the effectiveness of CoQ10. Beyond the age of 30, CoQ10 may not be as well absorbed. If there is an age-related disorder, absorption of CoQ10 is even less.

Since Ubiquinol is already in the most absorbable form or the form the body would convert CoQ10 to anyway, its desirable and useful. Pre-converted means the change from CoQ10 to Ubiquinol has already happened, thus the name Ubiquinol — ready to absorb.

  • Ubiquinol is often recommended for those with cardiovascular, neurological, and liver issues
  • Ubiquinol is also beneficial for those on statins
  • Ubiquinol should increase energy and stamina
  • Ubiquinol is suitable for those seeking defense against free radicals
  • Ubiquinol is considered to be a lipid soluble antioxidant

100mg | 60 capsules

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