Serratio (Serratiopeptidase) 120k
Serratio (Serratiopeptidase) 120k
Serratio (Serratiopeptidase) 120k

Serratio (Serratiopeptidase) 120k

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Product Description

Powerful anti-inflammatory

SERRATIO (Serratiopeptidase) 120k

Serratiopeptidase is an enzyme which is isolated from Serratia E15, commonly found in silkworms. Silkworms use this enzyme to dissolve their cocoons, serratiopeptidase has been used in Asia and Europe for about 40 years as a natural medicine for arthritis, trauma, surgery, sinusitis, bronchitis, blood clotting, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

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Serratiopeptidase acts as an anti-inflammatory for pain and inflammation. Conditions associated with pain and inflammation include arthritis, trauma, surgical wounds and fibromyalgia. Serratiopeptidase may help to reduce fluid retention in affected areas, which contributes to faster recovery.

One of the most valuable ingredients in Serratio 120k Capsules is Theramedix’s Protease Thera-blend‚ which has shown great success in treating digestive issues. When protease is taken therapeutically‚ it can encourage various types of healing within your body; these include the digestion of protein pathogens‚ a boost to circulation‚ the purging of waste products‚ and support for your immune system.

Serratio 120k Capsules may relieve the discomfort brought on by age‚ fatigue‚ gout‚ arthritis‚ lupus or another health condition. Since its inception in 2005‚ Theramedix has been dedicated to providing only the highest quality products to healthcare professionals and their clients. This is made possible through the company’s well-researched and carefully-developed nutritional supplements‚ which deliver the optimal health benefits of enzymes.

120 k | 60 Capsules

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