The E.I. Syndrome by Sherry A. Rogers  An Rx for Environmental Illness – REVISED FOR THE 21ST CENTURY – Are you allergic to the 21st Century?

E.I. Syndrome

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The E.I. Syndrome by Sherry A. Rogers

An Rx for Environmental Illness – REVISED FOR THE 21ST CENTURY – Are you allergic to the 21st Century?

The E. I. (Environmental Illness) Syndrome is a guide for people who have simple pollen, dust, mold, food and/or chemical sensitivities. Everyone needs a fundamental knowledge of the principles in this book before they read any other health or healing information. You will amaze yourself at how much power this knowledge can give you over your health.

In his forward to the book, William J. Rea, M.D. writes: "Understanding the principles of evaluating cause and effect of environmental incidents is essential to understanding how to prevent disease and promote optimum health. Dr. Rogers details total pollutant load, the adaptation and bipolarity phenomenon and the biochemical individuality (our uniqueness of response) of which are paramount to understanding environmentally triggered disease."

The following excerpts from the E.I. Syndrome are clues to "easy solutions to difficult medical problems" that you will find.

Did you know that when the precise balance for an individual body is restored, it has the potential to heal anything including cancer . . . that depression can be caused by chemicals in a sofa or carpet or by a yeast growing in your body, or because you've had too many birth control pills or antibiotics . . . that many patients with arthritis don't hurt if they don't eat any beef, tomato, pepper, or potatoes . . . that children with hyperactivity or aggressiveness may be reacting to food such as milk, wheat, corn, cane sugar, food dyes, and preservatives . . . that many patients with psoriasis can clear with the correct fatty acid supplementation . . ?

This book has so much information on Allergy and Environmental Medicine, any review is bound to fall short. This customer review borrowed from says it all:

Sherry Rogers was my doctor for a number of years. She was always ahead of her time and now it shows! All of her books are wonderful, informative, easy to read and life saving. I hope everyone gets as much from this and all her books as I have. You'll be amazed at how much you DON'T know about your body, the environment and how we are killing ourselves until you read these books. Trust me, I am only a consumer here, but I pass these books on to everyone I care about and have for years! I'm going to post this to all the books I have read by Sherry. I just can't say enough about this woman. She literally saved my life (allergies, life and health threatening mineral and vitamin deficiencies) and my husband's too (bladder cancer).

Susan Manchester



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