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Lysine helps form collagen

Like all amino acids, Lysine functions as a building block for proteins. Using iron and Vitamin C, Lysine helps form collagen. Lysine helps to build muscle protein and repair tissues. Lysine is especially important for those recovering from surgery or sports-related injuries.

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Essential amino acid

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that it must be obtained from food or other sources. Lysine helps improve the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract and prevent loss of calcium in the urine. Some researchers speculate that L-Lysine may help prevent bone loss associated with osteoporosis. In addition, test tube studies suggest that L-Lysine in combination with L-Arginine (another amino acid) increases the activity of bone-building cells and enhances the production of collagen.

Lysine is required for the production of Carnitine, a nutrient responsible for converting fatty acids into energy and helping to lower cholesterol. In older persons, particularly men, additional Lysine may be required to supplement the diet. Lysine levels tend to be low in vegetarian women.

Lysine is useful for pets (dogs or cats) when taken with a pet vitamin.

NOTE: Lysine is dependent upon Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), and Vitamin B6 for its assimilation.

500 mg | 90 Vegetarian Capsules

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